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hip hop artist that blessed the earth circa 1992 --- norwalk, connecticut

22 April 2014     11:24 pm     4,977 notes

be real with yourself, even if that means u corny and ur a fuckin weirdo but u kno what if thats what u r (corny and a weirdo) then u gotta live with it and not only that u gotta embrace it and u gotta love that about urself u kno what i’m saying!! fuck that shit bru u corny and u a weirdo but why is that bad??? and if it is bad there’s also good in it and u gotta acknowledge that!!! real talk

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tune into http://wvof.org/webstudio from 9 to 10 we’re gonna play a dope ass juicy j playlist in preparation for the juicy j concert at fairfield u april 30th #letsgetit

21 April 2014     8:51 pm


going to college like


(via cassettesandcaskets)

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19 April 2014     3:51 pm     1 note

here’s a really cool playlist that me, tay, and jess put together for u guys so go listen.


18 April 2014     10:30 pm

oh look a blog write-up. shouts to the roasty and all those guys over in upstate new york (i think that’s where they’re at)


17 April 2014     9:53 pm

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